About Us

Green Choices Consulting is here to aid you in navigating through all the options in “greening” your home, business and commercial property. By “greening” we mean making your property healthier, more energy efficient, more cost-effective and better for the planet we live on.

Green Choices Consulting was founded by Ira Zucker and Billii Roberti.

Our mission is to assist homeowners and commercial property owners in discerning and choosing “green” alternatives in new building, renovation and re-visioning of their space.

No matter the scope or budget of your project, we will lead you to reasonable choices that more than return your investment.

Our multi-disciplinary, systems approach to every project allows us to tailor our solutions to the unique features and challenges of your property. By seeing the big picture we can determine what you need and who can best deliver it. Our expertise saves you time, money and regrets. We keep up with emerging technologies so you don’t have to.

We are based on Long Island but can travel to your location. We are also delighted to present the fundamentals of going green to your school, civic, fraternal or trade association.

Before you start your new building or renovation project, talk with us to find out how to green while you build.

Who We Are / Meet Green Choices Consulting

Green Choices Consulting was founded by Ira Zucker and Billii Roberti. We are homeowners ourselves. We decided to take our home down to the studs and rebuild it to Energy Star® and LEED standards. We learned a lot in the two years of planning and 15 weeks of construction.

Prior to this, we planned and implemented the build out of a retail space (for I AM Books, Ltd., now closed) in Huntington village, with the help of an interior designer and a general contractor. Green values were included in the project. That was in 2006; much more is available now.

After two years of research we had amassed a great deal of knowledge and felt ready to start. In 2010 we began the ‘green gut rehab’ of our 2-bedroom Cape Cod, with Ira performing the general contractor duties. Read our story. Our subcontractors were impressed with our knowledge and commitment to green values. We even educated them about some of the standards, concepts and products available.

While doing all this, we realized how much time and investigation we did to bring our project to fruition. When we talked to others we realized few people had the time, research skills, scientific background, construction know-how or desire to become fully informed about green concepts and projects.

So our knowledge and experience evolved into a green consulting company to formalize in a business what we were already doing with our friends and acquaintances.

Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or commercial property owner, we can show you $en$ible improvements that build in long-term savings. Even renters can benefit from some of our suggestions.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Billii Roberti

Billii RobertiI enjoy asking questions and finding the answers. Coming from a science background, my mindset evolved into an awareness of the inter-connectivity of all life on our planet. This perception continues to influence my approach to consulting.

My career began in social work and segued into information technology. I learned web design and followed my interests in green living, holistic health and planetary healing. When I opened a retail business I also learned the commercial aspects of energy efficiency and healthy buildings.

Five years ago, after much research and planning, we undertook the green gut rehab of our home in Huntington. Within five months, my husband, as general contractor, turned it into an ENERGY STAR® home with solar PV and a geothermal heat pump system.

Since then I have been a member of the Town of Huntington Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency, Renewables & Sustainability (ACEERS), Long Island Geothermal Energy Organization (LI-GEO) and New York Geothermal Energy Organization (NY-GEO).

I also review energy policy, write geothermal legislation, white papers and website content for LI-GEO.org (and soon for NY-GEO.org).

I understand the different energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and can explain their advantages and disadvantages. As a professional writer, I am able to take complex technical jargon and put it into language understandable to the average homeowner.

I am a graduate of The Bronx High School of Science and the University of Rochester and attended two years of a PhD program at Georgia State University.

Ira Zucker

ira ZuckerMy career began in the Information Technology field where I worked in project management. In 2004 I left to pursue a new career in real estate. Although I focus on the commercial aspects, I also sell homes. I have a GREEN certification through the National Board of Realtors (NAR).

I have been a DIY-er since I was young. Interested in architecture, I initially majored in it at college before changing to computer programming. I used my project management skills to be the general contractor—as an Energy Star® builder—in my own home renovation.

I am currently President of the Long Island Commercial Network (LICN, licommercialnetwork.org) as well as a member of the US Green Building Council, Long Island Chapter.

I am a graduate of JFK Plainview/Old Bethpage High School and Hofstra University.

Our Story

In 2010 my partner Ira and I embarked on the journey of a lifetime: the trial-by-fire total green renovation (“greenovation”) of our home in Huntington Station. More

After the completion of this project, we realized few home, business or commercial property owners’ desire for green features matched their ability to achieve them. So we are here to help you.

You know your business. Let us help you stay focused on it and leave the “green” research to us.